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Dinda at show of Masters

The Hindustan Times, April 2006 :Adulation crowded the front rows of every spectator’s mind as they scrutinised the oeuvre of 20”senior and renounced” artists at By The Way, Taj Bengal. The exhibition titled “Art Beat, inaugurated by Tanushree Shankar, showcased works of contemporary artists of Bengal such as Shuvaprasanna, Sanatan DInda, Sunil Das, Prakash Raman and Beena Pradhan.

Art on the Move

The Statesman, April 2006 : It's like walking through a tunnel of emotions as one moves from one painting to another. Masters Collection is hosting an exhibition of renounced artists of Bengal. Sanatan Dinda “Yeogopurush” is all about spiritual enlightment. A stone carved face juxtaposes man is incomplete without his clothes. His paintings are also not complete without the frames.The “Dance Festival” by Subrata Gangopadhya blends in different colours. The flow of colours and music give the work a life of its own. Masters Collections has done its bit to introduce works of European and American World masters. It has also realised the importance of marketing Indian paintings. This exhibition gives a glimpse into the talent pool we have. 


Masters To New Talent

Sahil Desai’s decade old enterprise - the sale of imported oil reproductions of masterpieces – is going strong, but original paintings, especially those by upcoming artists, are quickly gaining favour with those who love art but cannot afford to take home a master. Masters Collection Art Gallery has launched its show titled “New Horizon” for the emerging Indian artists. Most of the artists displayed in the show are comparatively new and haven’t had too much public exposure like Parag Adhikary , Dilip Choudhury ,to name a few. Investments  in paintings today is second only to stocks, said Desai. “Upcoming artists are more in demand because buyers seem to enjoy the gamble. The prices of works grow manifold a s artists gain fame.”

Of Canvas and Coffee

Creative canvases and a confluence of forms promising to take you a journey of visual delight, while sumptuous finger food and fine tea make up the sip-and-bite quotient. That in a nutshell describes a series of art exhibition planned at By The Way, Taj Bengal.
This is a consolidated effort to promote art in general. We chose By The Way as the venue because the idea was to create an informal Parisian cafe ambience where an artist, whether famous or upcoming is best understood. Art beat , the forst series of exhibition, was held on April featured big names like Prakash karmakar, Beena Pradhan, Shuvaprasanna and others.

Artist focus in Diverse Display

The subject was the artist themselves rather than their art. Masters Collection Art Gallery organized an exhibition of the paintings and sculptures of 24 artists in an effort to provide a platform to emergeing talents of West Bengal. The exhibition, titled New Horizon, was inaugurated by artist Shuvaprasanna, at the gallery. Diverse subjects share space at the exhibition – abstracts, nature in all its sublimity, the human form and its varied moods, the regal Boddhisatva captured in brilliant vermilion, colonial Calcutta.

Art Beat 2

Suhas Roy’s small mixed media portrait with its soft touches of blue and pink on a haze of black is certainly one of the best in his Radha Series was showcased in “Art Beat 2”, the exhibition of paintings presented by Masters Collection Art Gallery. Judging by the way works were being swept up, even before the formal inauguration by author Sunil Gangopadhya, Art Beat 2 seemed to have got a quite headstart.